Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Subtle Yet Special South Indian Bridal Makeup

South Indian Wedding are rich and full of customary happenings that makes the bride feel bright and special all through the ceremony but, when it comes to the bridal makeup or her special ceremony party looks, most of the families want it to be subtle and very minimal. They just don’t want her to look like an actress on her wedding but look gorgeous though… Now, that’s something that I love to do as a south Indian Bridal Makeup artist based out of Chennai.

Though I’ve traveled all through the country for a proper South Indian bridal makeup or to be precise a Tamil Wedding, What I find there is all similar- They want the bride to be beautiful but never like a bridal jewelry advertisement model.

I totally understand and respect their idea so I always make sure to take to the bride, her parents and here finance if necessary to know their exact expectations. I don’t like to see a bride looking great but receive uneasy comments about her looks from her new family. 

Right from the floral decoration on to the traditional jadai to the perfectly tied saree, it’s my responsibility to get the best homely bridal look. I always keep in touch with the bride through whatsapp or phone calls to ask her about the jewelry she’ll be wearing and other bridal services like facial, bleaching and other stuffs that in directly affects my makeup. 

So Girls, if you are someone with similar requirements, come on to me for your bridal makeup, you also get to enjoy free trial makeup if your order is booked in prior with me…


Vidya said...

exclusive hub for bridal makeup and all other needs for the wedding here

Fatmu Academy said...

When it comes to wedding, girls must look as beautiful as angels. Talking about South Indian weddings, brides use to wear a lot of jewelries and to do it precisely there is always a need of professional bridal make up Artist. Thank you for Such a amazing information.

Vidya said...

Nice interesting article…also saw a similar article in this blog

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