Monday, 9 February 2015

Budget Friendly Bridal Makeup Artist In Chennai

A pocket friendly Bridal makeup artist in Chennai with professional skills and an ability to understand your needs is a typical search of any bride these days. While I know how expensive have these bridal makeovers have turned out to be, I wanted to extend my service to the brides who dream to look picture perfect for their special day but, at a price that does not make them feel guilty. 

I have no special package prices, all brides are princes of their own and there is nothing to discriminate- just the same is my pricing structure. I am don’t crowd too many appointment and be less prepared. I work out a separate plan of action for every single bride who has booked her appointment with me. I give them my attention, time and empathy to make them feel and look good. 

Beauty industry has turned out to be a heartless business that does not value the clients comfort, they come straight on the day of the wedding and do a makeup that they feel will be good n the bride. I feel that it is important to explain and let a bride know how she will look like on her wedding. Not just her, it’s also important to make her parents and close ones feel comfortable. Many South Indian families are conservative and don’t like the too much worked up look. They just want their daughter to look good but not too much like an actress. On the other hand, there are families that want their daughter to look like a princes so, there is a lot to do before I lay my brushes over a bride’s face…

Everything considered, now what is the biggest impact a makeup artist can do to get the best out of the bride? It is to make her feel that she is already flawless and just enhance the best of her. 

Everyone deserves to be at their best on their wedding, reception or just a special party. It’s my pleasure to get the real joy out of their face and mind. When you make a bride laugh from her heart and mind, you are sure to see here ooze out sheer beauty.


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