Friday, 15 July 2011

Indian Christian Bridal Makeup in Chennai

This is really tricky just because Christianity is not our tradition. We will have to blend the right mixture of tradition as well as Christian ideas in such cases. 

We don’t have much Indian Christian brides who choose to wear a gown, we prefer sarees rather. This is where you will have to concentrate on. 

Thinking about the right hairstyle that suits the saree and does not give a Hindu bridal look is more important here.

We will have to make sure that the makeup is modern and still has Indianised look to compliment the saree of the bride which will be mostly of a cream to white color.

I take care of preparing a fancy bouquet and hair accessories for the bride so that everything is matching to one another. 

It is always hard to find good bouquets in chennai as there are lesser Christian weddings happening and most of us try to import one from one of our relatives abroad.