Friday, 17 June 2011

Best Natural Cleanser Tips for Glowing Skin

As I always say, going the nature’s way is a safer bet in everything. Be it for external beauty or nourishment and inside health. Modern women have very less time to spend for themselves and are using fast and quick action solutions like bleaching agents and facial masks that are filled with chemicals. You will have some instant change in your face with these products but what happens after a few years is something that you must have never thought of. Your skin starts to age quickly and gets saggy appearance combined with black spots or burnt skin like look.

As you all know, the first step to get healthy glowing skin is cleansing the skin properly. It is not important to use soap or a cleanser to do this. We can always take the help of Mother Nature for this too. Here are the two easy to do all natural cleansing methods that will leave your skin fresh, supple and clean.

Apply full cream on your face and smoothly massage it in your skin with upwards circular motion. Use a cotton ball dipped in freezing cold water to remove the residue. After this, use Neam, Tulsi or Mint juice to massage your skin and wash it off with plain water.

Take a cup of buttermilk and add powdered fennel seeds in it and heat it for about half an hour. Stain the mixture and store it in fridge for using it as a cleanser. Dip cotton balls in this mixture and wipe off dirt from your skin.


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