Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tips For Glowing Skin Naturally- Bridal Special!

1. When you want to have a radiant glowing skin naturally, the first thing that you should do is to drink plenty of water.

2. Especially 3-4 glasses of warm water will clean your stomach and will reflect in healthy skin. Taking warm lime juice with a table spoon of honey is also a good remedy.

3. Avoid using soap or face wash and instead choose a herbal powder based cleanser for your skin. 

4. Using flour of green gram or besan as a paste is a good idea instead of soap.

5. You can try using Neem leaves and mint leaves to eradicate dullness from your face.

6. Orange peel or any citrus fruit peel powdered and mixed with rose water is a good for exfoliating dead cells and also a mild bleach to the skin.

7. If you have few ripen fruits like papaya, banana, apple or grapes, you can extract juice from them to apply a mask after a face wash for a glowing skin.

As this blog is especially for brides, I have a suggestion to make here. I would advise you all to use less of chemicals and go the nature’s way  if you need a glow from inside.


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very nice will be more gud if u gv more information..thank you..

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