Saturday, 7 May 2011

How To Get Gorgeous Dark Henna Designs For Your Wedding?

A Bridal make up is never complete without the special henna designs for the bride. Do you know that henna is a natural sun block and is a strong permanent dye that only goes off due to exfoliation of the skin? Good henna is a natural source of bun block and we can now understand why Indian women and many Asian women are behind beautiful intricate henna designs to adore their hands and legs. Henna is not just a healthy stain but has also got a brilliant cooling effect when applied during hot summer or in warmer regions. 

Every bride will love to decorate her hands and legs wit special henna designs and no one will want the same old designs to be seen again and again. So the key point for an attractive henna design is creativity. Never confine yourself with limited designs that are on your book let. Always give ways for now innovative methods and designs. As a henna artist, I feel that a professional henna artist will feel comfortable with imaginary and new idea of patterns that copying the ones in the booklets. I always give out this henna design along with the bridal package as Chennai brides are very much interested in bridal henna. 

Bridal make up in Chennai is never felt complete with a good henna design all over the bride’s hands and legs. Apart from this the bride can even decorate her body with henna design if she is interested in. I have to mention about this growing trend of adoring the backside neck line of the choli or the blouse with henna designs to add color and attraction.

There are a few steps that you will have to follow when you need a darker henna stain that must stay longer. 
  1. You will have to prepare a henna mix on your own and avoid using pre-mixed henna which might not give the expected result.
  2. You might need a few lime, thick tamarind juice, sugar, lavender oil and tea tree oil for preparing a perfect henna mix.
  3. You will always need to keep the mixture over nigh and use it the next day to ensure good dye release from the henna mix.


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