Friday, 27 May 2011

Beauty Tips for Women Who Wear Spectacles

It is common that women of today’s world are conscious about what they wear and how they look. While it is easy for normal women to wear eye makeup, women who wear spectacles feel it is hard. In many cases they feel that spectacles as a hindrance and there is no need for any eye makeup. But, this concept is wrong! Spectacles and eye makeup suiting it is always a plus point!

Beauty markets are brimmed up with a vast and vivid range of colors and products for eye makeup that it has been a difficult task to choose from. The selection depends on a number of factors like the shape of the eyes, color of the eyes, skin tone, personality and the occasion you are dressing up for...

1. If the frame of the spectacles is bright, put the accent on the eyelashes. 

2. Use of thick coats of mascara gives volume to eyelashes and makes them fluffy. 

3. Women with tortoise or horn-rimmed spectacles should work upon shape of eyebrows.

4. Proper usage of highlighters and eye shadow makes dull eyes look bright and attractive. 

5. Always wear concealer to hide the dark spot or dark circles that you might have developed because of spectacles.

6. You can apply a little highlighter under your eyes to give it a full look.


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