Monday, 18 April 2011

Tips for Beautiful Bridal Make up- Lips

Why do women beautify themselves? Simple… to attract their opposite sex, women take all sort of pains starting from waxing to tweezing and threading to keep them look clean and bright, But many women forget about their upper lip, actually neglect them! No man would like their woman with dark untidy upper lip hair. You might have perfect lips but you need to showcase them the right way! Now I have got a few tips for the bride to be or someone who is preparing for a date or just someone who loves to woo her husband…

If you are doing this for the first time you will have to stay calm and be well informed that this is going to be painful. Threading your upper lip might cause sneezes, a little of extra pain and uneasiness until the process is over, but the outcome is perfect. Your pains will be rewarded with beautiful lips. 

If you can do the threading all by yourself I would advise you to use ice cubes regularly- this will reduce the pain to several folds. You may have to use moisturizing cream or Vaseline to smoothen the process- this will avoid your skin from suffering from inflammation or breakage due to dryness.

The next thing that you will have to do for lustrous lips during the day time is to make sure that you don’t use any extra gloss. A bright color or a lot of shine will make you look gaudy so, it wise to choose delightful colors and give it a mat finish. Never forget to start your lip color with a proper lip liner. If you are fair, always use lip liners that don’t stand apart. If you have a brownish complexion, the best choice for you would be the range of soft shades like baby pink, and peach. 

When I dress up my client, I always ask them to come for trial make-up session so that we can sit together and discuss about the right make up and the color tones that can be used on the wedding day or for the engagement. I am very particular about the comfort and satisfaction of my clients, and will want to make them feel them light. Make-up must be their second skin and should never show out obviously if you want a striker look…


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