Monday, 18 April 2011

Nature Special Bridal Facial for Naturally Glowing Skin

One thing many of the brides forget or neglect is regular facials that they must follow. The least of 4 sittings will give you the rejuvenated feel to your skin. Regardless of your natural complexion, facials can give you aglow and healthy look. Remember that a good facial massage improves blood flow to your facial skin and make it look fresh and full of life. Using proper natural pack made up of fruits and other ingredients like Multhani Methi, sandalwood and honey will help skin to glow without artificial creams that spoils your freshness.

When you go for a complete herbal facial, make sure that the beautician is only using 100% natural ingredients. I use only natural and farm fresh fruits and vegetables to massage my clients. These stuffs seldom has after effect even to the most sensitive skin. Before I start a facial treatment to my clients I always sit with them to discuss about the allergic reactions that they have with certain fruits or veggies. After this discussion I take time in examining the skin type and find if the client needs any special treatments before going in for facials. Facial massage treatments for clients with pimples and acne is highly unsafe. You will only aggravate the effects of the pimples and I always prefer multiple packs instead of massages until the pimples recede. 

You can contact me for fixing up an appointment or ask any questions regarding facial treatments. I would appreciate if we could discuss your needs over the phone as we fix an appointment. My services are client specific and never package specific so, I make sure to give custom made treatment for each and every client of mine and only give treatments at your doorstep...


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