Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Glow on Your Wedding Day with Perfect Corrective Makeup

Every Bride would want to look her best on the Special Day, and we need to know that everyone has a few small defects that needs some correction. Corrective make-up is something that is very important and every professional make-up artist will make sure to follow this step. Especially when the client is having an over rounded face, very sharp chin, and flat nose or under eye dark circles and pimples, corrective Make-up is done to rectify all those problems visually. A good beautician will always work with professional cosmetics so that the outcome is perfect and as we wish.

Always use proper shimmering effect to the bridal make-up so that your face looks bright and naturally glowing. You surely don’t want to look dull in those photos right? Using the right shade of blush that perfectly blends with the face and the costume is very important. You cannot keep the face to look plain without any color… blush always gives a healthy look and is one of the key points to look while doing a bridal make-up. And do not forget the eye and lip make-up as they are two main stuffs to concentrate on… 

And finally don’t say that you always fancy a very light make-up, remember that a professional makeup artist will always keep your look natural and will never impose too much of powdery appearance. So, when you have confidence that you have selected the right beautician, all you need to do is to rest and see the outcome after everything is done. As you know, half done work is never good and complaining about that will only make things worse… Ok ladies, I Will post more blogs on how to take care of your lips and eyes for a better effect.


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