Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Different Indian Traditional Wedding Hair Styles For Short Hair

I know that selecting a hairstyle for your wedding is difficult and will require a lot of trial and errors. But, the fact is that you can easily determine the type of hairstyle that will suit you perfectly with a few easy self analysis.

Hair type- If you have short curly hair the best thing that you can do to make yourself look nice is to try blow drying it straight or to iron it straight and then style it as you like. If you like being modern as well as traditional, puffed up front looks along with plated or rolled backside will look great.

Hair Length- If you want to have a traditional Indian look, I will suggest you to have a false hair attachment that will make you hair look longer. You can find a lot of ready-made false hair attachment and decorate it in advance according to the color of your wedding dress. I use natural flowers petals like rose, chrysanthemum, jasmine and spray paint them according to the color of the bride’s Saree or Cholie to decorate her hair. Long thick braids decorated with beautiful flower motifs would look trendy and traditional. Or we can use the more traditional form of flower decoration- Jadai.

Styling- If you want your hair dressed for your reception and would like it to be modern, go for loose end curls with front poof or styling. When I dress up my client I make sure to analyze the neck length and the face structure of her before deciding on the style that will suit her. If my client has a short neck with plumper body shape I prefer giving her a high styling and high poofs to make her look tall and slim. If my client is quite tall and is lean, the best way to make her look attractive will be loose locks to cover her nape.

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