Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Water Proof Make Up Is A Must For Your Wedding

Women are sensitive and the feel of starting a new life with a man who has his own family might bring in a feel of anxiety and adding to this will be her thought about leaving her mom dad and other relations. So, the bride often gets emotional and she tends to shed tears automatically. 

You must have definitely seen this happening at a several wedding ceremonies- the Bride will cry and at last the eye makeup and her foundation would mix up to give an untidy look. This happens because of the fact that we mostly neglect Water Proof make-up. It is very important to maintain the make-up until the end of the day so using a high class as well as long lasting make up which is water proof is of very important.

It is better to choose a Water Proof Mascara and Eyeliner at the least to secure the make-up! I always make sure to give a sure guarantee of making the make-up stand for at least 8 hours by using long lasting foundation sticks and waterproof make-up. This will make my client feel light and less attentive about her make-up. Good Luck Young ladies…

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Different Indian Traditional Wedding Hair Styles For Short Hair

I know that selecting a hairstyle for your wedding is difficult and will require a lot of trial and errors. But, the fact is that you can easily determine the type of hairstyle that will suit you perfectly with a few easy self analysis.

Hair type- If you have short curly hair the best thing that you can do to make yourself look nice is to try blow drying it straight or to iron it straight and then style it as you like. If you like being modern as well as traditional, puffed up front looks along with plated or rolled backside will look great.

Hair Length- If you want to have a traditional Indian look, I will suggest you to have a false hair attachment that will make you hair look longer. You can find a lot of ready-made false hair attachment and decorate it in advance according to the color of your wedding dress. I use natural flowers petals like rose, chrysanthemum, jasmine and spray paint them according to the color of the bride’s Saree or Cholie to decorate her hair. Long thick braids decorated with beautiful flower motifs would look trendy and traditional. Or we can use the more traditional form of flower decoration- Jadai.

Styling- If you want your hair dressed for your reception and would like it to be modern, go for loose end curls with front poof or styling. When I dress up my client I make sure to analyze the neck length and the face structure of her before deciding on the style that will suit her. If my client has a short neck with plumper body shape I prefer giving her a high styling and high poofs to make her look tall and slim. If my client is quite tall and is lean, the best way to make her look attractive will be loose locks to cover her nape.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Glow on Your Wedding Day with Perfect Corrective Makeup

Every Bride would want to look her best on the Special Day, and we need to know that everyone has a few small defects that needs some correction. Corrective make-up is something that is very important and every professional make-up artist will make sure to follow this step. Especially when the client is having an over rounded face, very sharp chin, and flat nose or under eye dark circles and pimples, corrective Make-up is done to rectify all those problems visually. A good beautician will always work with professional cosmetics so that the outcome is perfect and as we wish.

Always use proper shimmering effect to the bridal make-up so that your face looks bright and naturally glowing. You surely don’t want to look dull in those photos right? Using the right shade of blush that perfectly blends with the face and the costume is very important. You cannot keep the face to look plain without any color… blush always gives a healthy look and is one of the key points to look while doing a bridal make-up. And do not forget the eye and lip make-up as they are two main stuffs to concentrate on… 

And finally don’t say that you always fancy a very light make-up, remember that a professional makeup artist will always keep your look natural and will never impose too much of powdery appearance. So, when you have confidence that you have selected the right beautician, all you need to do is to rest and see the outcome after everything is done. As you know, half done work is never good and complaining about that will only make things worse… Ok ladies, I Will post more blogs on how to take care of your lips and eyes for a better effect.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Nature Special Bridal Facial for Naturally Glowing Skin

One thing many of the brides forget or neglect is regular facials that they must follow. The least of 4 sittings will give you the rejuvenated feel to your skin. Regardless of your natural complexion, facials can give you aglow and healthy look. Remember that a good facial massage improves blood flow to your facial skin and make it look fresh and full of life. Using proper natural pack made up of fruits and other ingredients like Multhani Methi, sandalwood and honey will help skin to glow without artificial creams that spoils your freshness.

When you go for a complete herbal facial, make sure that the beautician is only using 100% natural ingredients. I use only natural and farm fresh fruits and vegetables to massage my clients. These stuffs seldom has after effect even to the most sensitive skin. Before I start a facial treatment to my clients I always sit with them to discuss about the allergic reactions that they have with certain fruits or veggies. After this discussion I take time in examining the skin type and find if the client needs any special treatments before going in for facials. Facial massage treatments for clients with pimples and acne is highly unsafe. You will only aggravate the effects of the pimples and I always prefer multiple packs instead of massages until the pimples recede. 

You can contact me for fixing up an appointment or ask any questions regarding facial treatments. I would appreciate if we could discuss your needs over the phone as we fix an appointment. My services are client specific and never package specific so, I make sure to give custom made treatment for each and every client of mine and only give treatments at your doorstep...

Tips for Beautiful Bridal Make up- Lips

Why do women beautify themselves? Simple… to attract their opposite sex, women take all sort of pains starting from waxing to tweezing and threading to keep them look clean and bright, But many women forget about their upper lip, actually neglect them! No man would like their woman with dark untidy upper lip hair. You might have perfect lips but you need to showcase them the right way! Now I have got a few tips for the bride to be or someone who is preparing for a date or just someone who loves to woo her husband…

If you are doing this for the first time you will have to stay calm and be well informed that this is going to be painful. Threading your upper lip might cause sneezes, a little of extra pain and uneasiness until the process is over, but the outcome is perfect. Your pains will be rewarded with beautiful lips. 

If you can do the threading all by yourself I would advise you to use ice cubes regularly- this will reduce the pain to several folds. You may have to use moisturizing cream or Vaseline to smoothen the process- this will avoid your skin from suffering from inflammation or breakage due to dryness.

The next thing that you will have to do for lustrous lips during the day time is to make sure that you don’t use any extra gloss. A bright color or a lot of shine will make you look gaudy so, it wise to choose delightful colors and give it a mat finish. Never forget to start your lip color with a proper lip liner. If you are fair, always use lip liners that don’t stand apart. If you have a brownish complexion, the best choice for you would be the range of soft shades like baby pink, and peach. 

When I dress up my client, I always ask them to come for trial make-up session so that we can sit together and discuss about the right make up and the color tones that can be used on the wedding day or for the engagement. I am very particular about the comfort and satisfaction of my clients, and will want to make them feel them light. Make-up must be their second skin and should never show out obviously if you want a striker look…