Monday, 29 August 2011

Wedding Hairstyles and Wedding Updos for Christian Brides

Brides who search for makeup artist are very much concerned about their hairstyle more than makeup. Many brides are happy about face make up but are very much puzzled and confused on how to choose a hairstyle that suits them and at the same time gives a special look. 

Christian weddings in India are definitely a mixture of culture, as I have talked about earlier in my postings. So this makes the choosing process even tougher. Makeup artists will actually now how to make a different wedding hairstyle or wedding updos according to the brides face. Bridal makeup is half done without proper selection of hairstyles so it is important that you choose an experienced person who could work things quick as well as make you look gorgeous. Wedding makeup is always a pleasure to do- it gives a lot of choices as well as ground to make the bride adored with jewels, colors and everything beautiful. 

Many brides who want to dress up traditionally (mainly in south India) will want to fashion wedding updos as it will look neat. But these days I find many Christian brides who choose loose hairstyle with locks or decorations.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Jan Lokpal Through Gandhian Way!

This is a weird topic in a beauty site but, I thought it was one of my first duties as an Indian to write about India against Corruption. I hope this message reaches many beautiful ladies across India…

What a difference it was to see the Independence Day celebrated with a difference this year. The revolution that we all wanted for more than 65 years and the change that was a dream of poor! Do I have to explain what is Jan Lokpal Bill and the way the country is reacting to the movement lead by Anna Ji? Corruption Free Indian is not going to be a dream anymore, as we all have come together to fight for our right in the Gandhian way! 

Ahimsa…  Sathyagraha…  Non-Cooperation against Corruption is our way!
Mother India was waiting for this Day… she had been waiting impatiently for her children to arouse against another suppression!  

There are a few naughty people who have jumped out from nowhere to curb us with futile weapons like cast system, language and religion. What has cast got to do with India? Did Gandhi Ji or other Freedom Fighters fought for the freedom of their cast or religion? Why are my brothers and sisters talking about cast, religion and language when everyone enjoys and shares the love of Mother India? Should we allow investors from other countries and corrupt boneless groups to suck our blood out? 

How do we react for this Nation Wide awakening call in our way? We must have the basic consideration to forward a few mails that we get in support of Jan Lokpal Bill. Let’s forget about dumping those in the trash and forward it to our Indian blood Brothers and Sisters who wants to make Mother India proud about her children. This is the least that Software Bred Society of India (That’s us) could do to support India Against Corruption- The Second Freedom Movement!

Stay involved with this movement. 

The Government has put condition to get 25 crore people to support JanLokPal . To give your support call 02261550789 (as given by Kiran Bedi) from your mobile no. Your Call will disconnect after 1 ring and your number registered automatically. You will get an SMS confirming this. Do it along to all your friends. Forward to as many people as you know .. verbally, by mails, by messages. Support Anti-corruption campaign lead by Anna Hazare ...Jai Hind. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Bridal Makeup in Chennai by Professional Makeup Artist

Hi all!

I am glad to be writing this blog and find many online friends supporting my work- Thanks for all your love. I thought it is time that I talk about my experience and what I do so that brides can know about me.

I do a variety of bridal make up custom made for the brides according to their needs and budget. I do special make up for Christian brides, north Indian bridal makeup, Muslim bridal makeup and south Indian bridal make up with special light weight floral decoration for their hair that matches their saree or outfit.

I am a certified beautician and hairstylist who do only door step bridal beauty services. I am in this field for the past 5 year and I only use professional cosmetic brands so that I can extract the best looks from my brides. I am writer by profession and cosmetology is my passion so, I don’t work for monetary gains rather want to earn satisfaction and see create beautiful brides.

I have variety of packages custom made for brides according to their needs and budget. You might find 101 beauticians but, when it comes to your wedding you will have to think and make a wise decision. A professional makeup artist is someone who you can trust. I normally visit my clients before their wedding to see them personally so that I can decide in the right hairstyle, shade of foundation and other stuffs like artificial jewels, flower decorations…

I enjoy working with brides and love to adore them with my skills… Beautiful brides... Beautiful day…

Friday, 15 July 2011

Indian Christian Bridal Makeup in Chennai

This is really tricky just because Christianity is not our tradition. We will have to blend the right mixture of tradition as well as Christian ideas in such cases. 

We don’t have much Indian Christian brides who choose to wear a gown, we prefer sarees rather. This is where you will have to concentrate on. 

Thinking about the right hairstyle that suits the saree and does not give a Hindu bridal look is more important here.

We will have to make sure that the makeup is modern and still has Indianised look to compliment the saree of the bride which will be mostly of a cream to white color.

I take care of preparing a fancy bouquet and hair accessories for the bride so that everything is matching to one another. 

It is always hard to find good bouquets in chennai as there are lesser Christian weddings happening and most of us try to import one from one of our relatives abroad.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Importance of Seeing a Makeup Professional for Bridal Make up!

About several months before your wedding date, it’s important to focus a great deal on your skin. Chances are you’ll be getting nervous and your skin is going to get fussy. Be sure you’re getting enough rest, drinking enough water and cleansing regularly. It’s also a great time to see a professional makeup artist. While most brides can’t afford to hire a professional makeup artist to apply the makeup and touch up before the wedding photographer takes pictures, you can often get a free bridal consultation at Sephora or other makeup counters in your local mall. These consultations can help you better understand what types of foundation will last through your wedding day sweat and tears.

Simple, Natural Wedding Makeup is Best for Brides
While your wedding day is a time you can choose to glamour-up your look, it’s not a great day to take on a huge risk. The basics are really all you did for your big day. Look for a foundation which will give you a dewy glow, without leading to shine. Choose waterproof mascara for your lashes, in case you get a bit emotional throughout the ceremony. Choose a colored gloss for your lips and forgo heavy lip liners and lipsticks. Make your eyes the focus of your face, by applying a rich hue of brown, gray or lavender to your lids. Smudge darker colored eyeliner onto the top of your upper lash line for a smoky look. Remember, you want to look like yourself, just with a more beauty forward wedding style added into the mix.

Ideas for Covering Up Blemishes Or A Tattoo
If you’re getting married in the snowy winter, you’ll not likely need to worry so much. But, if your wedding is taking place at a beach where you’ll be showing off your body in a summer wedding gown, you may want to think about covering up any tattoos showing. Many brides choose to purchase specialized makeup to cover up their body tattoos for their wedding day. Just be sure to test the makeup beforehand to ensure it not only covers but also won’t come off on your dress. Of course, other brides choose to be themselves on their wedding day, tattoos and all!

Experiment with Makeup Looks Well Before the Wedding

Keep in mind, your wedding makeup should be something you experiment with in the months before your wedding. Don’t wait until your wedding day to try something new, or you could be in for a bad surprise. Not only could your makeup look bad but it could also cause an allergic reaction if not tried before. Keep wedding day makeup simple and elegant. Do what you normally do when going out, but jazz it up a bit with a rosier color on the cheeks and lips. Don’t overdo it or you’ll end up with makeup that outshines you!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Best Natural Cleanser Tips for Glowing Skin

As I always say, going the nature’s way is a safer bet in everything. Be it for external beauty or nourishment and inside health. Modern women have very less time to spend for themselves and are using fast and quick action solutions like bleaching agents and facial masks that are filled with chemicals. You will have some instant change in your face with these products but what happens after a few years is something that you must have never thought of. Your skin starts to age quickly and gets saggy appearance combined with black spots or burnt skin like look.

As you all know, the first step to get healthy glowing skin is cleansing the skin properly. It is not important to use soap or a cleanser to do this. We can always take the help of Mother Nature for this too. Here are the two easy to do all natural cleansing methods that will leave your skin fresh, supple and clean.

Apply full cream on your face and smoothly massage it in your skin with upwards circular motion. Use a cotton ball dipped in freezing cold water to remove the residue. After this, use Neam, Tulsi or Mint juice to massage your skin and wash it off with plain water.

Take a cup of buttermilk and add powdered fennel seeds in it and heat it for about half an hour. Stain the mixture and store it in fridge for using it as a cleanser. Dip cotton balls in this mixture and wipe off dirt from your skin.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Tips For Hair Loss and Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy hair with lustrous smile is something we all dream for and the road to maintain such hair is actually simple. All you need to do will be staying out of dirt, heat and pollutions. If you keep yourself cool with plenty of water and fruits with proper diet, you can see your hair growing with a healthy shine and immense strength naturally.

Stuffs like harsh shampoos unwanted creams serums and bad choice of gets or moose can also affect hair growth and damage them to a great extent. Follow these simple steps to get back a healthy hair with full of life.

 1. Avoid shampoos sold with strong chemicals and go the nature’s way. Use a little of mild shampoo and use stuffs like lemon, egg white beer wash to make it shine naturally. Avoid shampoos with sodium laurl sulphate- which is the worst chemicals of all.

 2. Avoid tightly tying your hair back. This will make way to breakage and make your hair lifeless. Tying your hair tight will train your hair to grow near to the surface and hence falling of hair will become common.
3.Avoid brushing your hair when it's wet as your hair will be soft and can be easily pulled off from the shaft when wet and soaked.

 4. Stimulate hair growth by brushing your scalp and massaging them every time you use oil. Use oil every 3 days to make it filled with natural shine and health. Do not go out when you have oil on your hair, as it will attract a lot of dust and dirt which can damage your scalp and hair.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Bridal Make up Package For Brides In Chennai

If you like to know about the bridal packages that I offer, you can read through this. I have variety of packages custom made for brides according to their needs and budget. To know more about the packages and rates call me at  8939303203

  • Bridal makeup
  • Hair Style With Flowers And Hair Accessories
  • 1st Saree Draping
  •  2nd Saree Change& Cosmetic Touch-Up
  • Artificial Jewelry
  • Eyelashes Extension
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Hair Style With Flowers And Hair Accessories
  • Saree Draping (Fancy & Traditional)
  • FREE Eyelashes Extension

Friday, 27 May 2011

Beauty Tips for Women Who Wear Spectacles

It is common that women of today’s world are conscious about what they wear and how they look. While it is easy for normal women to wear eye makeup, women who wear spectacles feel it is hard. In many cases they feel that spectacles as a hindrance and there is no need for any eye makeup. But, this concept is wrong! Spectacles and eye makeup suiting it is always a plus point!

Beauty markets are brimmed up with a vast and vivid range of colors and products for eye makeup that it has been a difficult task to choose from. The selection depends on a number of factors like the shape of the eyes, color of the eyes, skin tone, personality and the occasion you are dressing up for...

1. If the frame of the spectacles is bright, put the accent on the eyelashes. 

2. Use of thick coats of mascara gives volume to eyelashes and makes them fluffy. 

3. Women with tortoise or horn-rimmed spectacles should work upon shape of eyebrows.

4. Proper usage of highlighters and eye shadow makes dull eyes look bright and attractive. 

5. Always wear concealer to hide the dark spot or dark circles that you might have developed because of spectacles.

6. You can apply a little highlighter under your eyes to give it a full look.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tips For Glowing Skin Naturally- Bridal Special!

1. When you want to have a radiant glowing skin naturally, the first thing that you should do is to drink plenty of water.

2. Especially 3-4 glasses of warm water will clean your stomach and will reflect in healthy skin. Taking warm lime juice with a table spoon of honey is also a good remedy.

3. Avoid using soap or face wash and instead choose a herbal powder based cleanser for your skin. 

4. Using flour of green gram or besan as a paste is a good idea instead of soap.

5. You can try using Neem leaves and mint leaves to eradicate dullness from your face.

6. Orange peel or any citrus fruit peel powdered and mixed with rose water is a good for exfoliating dead cells and also a mild bleach to the skin.

7. If you have few ripen fruits like papaya, banana, apple or grapes, you can extract juice from them to apply a mask after a face wash for a glowing skin.

As this blog is especially for brides, I have a suggestion to make here. I would advise you all to use less of chemicals and go the nature’s way  if you need a glow from inside.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Bridal Makeup in Chennai for Christian Brides!

I know Christian Brides in western countries don’t fancy and attractive make-up but like pain and pretty face with well groomed beautiful hair styles. But in India, Christian brides have a lot of difference in the way of choosing their sari as well as hairstyle. Most Christian brides love to tie up their hair with a neat up-do so that it will be easy for the groom to tie the Thaali or the Mangalsuthra to her neck. 

South Indian Christian brides prefer to wear whit sari rather than gowns for their wedding… this will give a chance for experimenting with a lot of hairstyles as well as looks. Sari gives a wide access to attractive decorations in hair as well as a lot of jewels to adore the bride.

I always prefer to give two different looks to my client, one for the actual wedding and the next for the reception that follows the wedding at the church.

Despite the fact that white is a plain color, a lot of gold will act as a source that boosts the attraction and gives a rich look for the bride!  It is always advisable to use gold ornaments or pearl based ornaments to adore the bride.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

How To Get Gorgeous Dark Henna Designs For Your Wedding?

A Bridal make up is never complete without the special henna designs for the bride. Do you know that henna is a natural sun block and is a strong permanent dye that only goes off due to exfoliation of the skin? Good henna is a natural source of bun block and we can now understand why Indian women and many Asian women are behind beautiful intricate henna designs to adore their hands and legs. Henna is not just a healthy stain but has also got a brilliant cooling effect when applied during hot summer or in warmer regions. 

Every bride will love to decorate her hands and legs wit special henna designs and no one will want the same old designs to be seen again and again. So the key point for an attractive henna design is creativity. Never confine yourself with limited designs that are on your book let. Always give ways for now innovative methods and designs. As a henna artist, I feel that a professional henna artist will feel comfortable with imaginary and new idea of patterns that copying the ones in the booklets. I always give out this henna design along with the bridal package as Chennai brides are very much interested in bridal henna. 

Bridal make up in Chennai is never felt complete with a good henna design all over the bride’s hands and legs. Apart from this the bride can even decorate her body with henna design if she is interested in. I have to mention about this growing trend of adoring the backside neck line of the choli or the blouse with henna designs to add color and attraction.

There are a few steps that you will have to follow when you need a darker henna stain that must stay longer. 
  1. You will have to prepare a henna mix on your own and avoid using pre-mixed henna which might not give the expected result.
  2. You might need a few lime, thick tamarind juice, sugar, lavender oil and tea tree oil for preparing a perfect henna mix.
  3. You will always need to keep the mixture over nigh and use it the next day to ensure good dye release from the henna mix.