Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Subtle Yet Special South Indian Bridal Makeup

South Indian Wedding are rich and full of customary happenings that makes the bride feel bright and special all through the ceremony but, when it comes to the bridal makeup or her special ceremony party looks, most of the families want it to be subtle and very minimal. They just don’t want her to look like an actress on her wedding but look gorgeous though… Now, that’s something that I love to do as a south Indian Bridal Makeup artist based out of Chennai.

Though I’ve traveled all through the country for a proper South Indian bridal makeup or to be precise a Tamil Wedding, What I find there is all similar- They want the bride to be beautiful but never like a bridal jewelry advertisement model.

I totally understand and respect their idea so I always make sure to take to the bride, her parents and here finance if necessary to know their exact expectations. I don’t like to see a bride looking great but receive uneasy comments about her looks from her new family. 

Right from the floral decoration on to the traditional jadai to the perfectly tied saree, it’s my responsibility to get the best homely bridal look. I always keep in touch with the bride through whatsapp or phone calls to ask her about the jewelry she’ll be wearing and other bridal services like facial, bleaching and other stuffs that in directly affects my makeup. 

So Girls, if you are someone with similar requirements, come on to me for your bridal makeup, you also get to enjoy free trial makeup if your order is booked in prior with me…

Monday, 9 February 2015

Budget Friendly Bridal Makeup Artist In Chennai

A pocket friendly Bridal makeup artist in Chennai with professional skills and an ability to understand your needs is a typical search of any bride these days. While I know how expensive have these bridal makeovers have turned out to be, I wanted to extend my service to the brides who dream to look picture perfect for their special day but, at a price that does not make them feel guilty. 

I have no special package prices, all brides are princes of their own and there is nothing to discriminate- just the same is my pricing structure. I am don’t crowd too many appointment and be less prepared. I work out a separate plan of action for every single bride who has booked her appointment with me. I give them my attention, time and empathy to make them feel and look good. 

Beauty industry has turned out to be a heartless business that does not value the clients comfort, they come straight on the day of the wedding and do a makeup that they feel will be good n the bride. I feel that it is important to explain and let a bride know how she will look like on her wedding. Not just her, it’s also important to make her parents and close ones feel comfortable. Many South Indian families are conservative and don’t like the too much worked up look. They just want their daughter to look good but not too much like an actress. On the other hand, there are families that want their daughter to look like a princes so, there is a lot to do before I lay my brushes over a bride’s face…

Everything considered, now what is the biggest impact a makeup artist can do to get the best out of the bride? It is to make her feel that she is already flawless and just enhance the best of her. 

Everyone deserves to be at their best on their wedding, reception or just a special party. It’s my pleasure to get the real joy out of their face and mind. When you make a bride laugh from her heart and mind, you are sure to see here ooze out sheer beauty.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Classy Air Brush Makeup for Your Engagement, Wedding and Reception

Here is an opportunity to turn you big day picture perfect. I can magically wand off those blemishes pimple marks and dark circles with this modern technology that takes bridal makeup to the next level of sophistication. You wedding makeup will stay tight for 8 hours, waterproof and look gorgeous all through!

I am sure you will be surprised to see how much we can transform you…
Call me for the sample pictures and get set for the perfect bride look….
Get your bridal service at your door step and enjoy the luxury treatment at ease.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Bridal Makeup Tips for Wheatish and Dark Skin Tone:

Ethnic skin tones would require a foundation that matches perfectly as anything less or too much will ruin the whole look. Bridal makeup for women with wheatish and darker skin tones is the toughest jobs of all.
 Always choose a tone that does not look brighter than yours and be patient while giving multiple layers for long lasting effect. 

Typically a bride has to be fresh for 5 hours and you will have to make sure that the makeup does not rip off. Women with darker skin tone have to worry more about makeup coming off in patches.
 It is wise to go for waterproof makeup and high quality brands that is applied properly by professionals.
Choose the lip color and eyw shadow by keeping your dress color and your skin tone in mind. Colors that are too bright will not help; you look good, warm colors and gold or bronze eye shadows will complement your looks.

Contact me if you want to see my works and book me for your wedding right away! Let me work on your big day and give you special looks that will stay in your memories for long. I will meet you at the place of your wedding or wedding ceremonies to provide the service, indulge in luxury styling that covers your wedding face makeup, hairstyling and saree draping.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Brides

When you want to enjoy a healthy looking, shiny hair you can follow thee simple steps and see the difference within a few months.
  1. Mix warm coconut oil+ gingerly oil +castor oil and massage it fully in to your hair and let it get soaked for 1 hour before washing it. This will nourish your hair and scalp for hair growth and shine
  2. Mix egg white with a few drops of lemon and use it as a conditioner for your hair- This will give shine and strength
  3. Use beer to wash your hair after shampoo once in a week to get a healthy shine.
  4. Use mild shampoos like dove and avoid any harsh shampoos with harmful chemicals as they will dry out your hair and leave it lifeless.
  5. Dont blow dry your hair or dont use anything like roller and ironing machine often as it will induce breakage.
  6. Blot dry your hair with a soft towel after wash and avoid combing your hair when it is wet.

Skin care tips for Brides

This is one of the frequently asked questions from any bride for whom i do the bridal makeup for. A lot of young girls are well aware of the fact that natural remedies and treatments are best for long lasting results that does not hurt their skin. These are a few simple skin care tips that any bride can follow to enjoy a bright, glowing and healthy looking skin on their big day. You can just continue to follow these to have your skin ever fresh and youthful.
  1. Use green gram powder to wash your face daily once- preferably before going to bed
  2. Mix egg white and few drops of lemon and use it as a face pack one in two day to get younger looking skin
  3. To remove tiredness and suntan mix milk and lemon juice and use as a pack. later follow by washing it with green gram powder
  4. Mix equal quantities of fully ripen  papaya, tomato, banana, few drops of orange juice or lemon juice and apply it as a face pack for once in two days for brighter skin tone.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Wedding Hairstyles and Wedding Updos for Christian Brides

Brides who search for makeup artist are very much concerned about their hairstyle more than makeup. Many brides are happy about face make up but are very much puzzled and confused on how to choose a hairstyle that suits them and at the same time gives a special look. 

Christian weddings in India are definitely a mixture of culture, as I have talked about earlier in my postings. So this makes the choosing process even tougher. Makeup artists will actually now how to make a different wedding hairstyle or wedding updos according to the brides face. Bridal makeup is half done without proper selection of hairstyles so it is important that you choose an experienced person who could work things quick as well as make you look gorgeous. Wedding makeup is always a pleasure to do- it gives a lot of choices as well as ground to make the bride adored with jewels, colors and everything beautiful. 

Many brides who want to dress up traditionally (mainly in south India) will want to fashion wedding updos as it will look neat. But these days I find many Christian brides who choose loose hairstyle with locks or decorations.